Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 34

We were not as lucky this morning as the notorious clouds had rolled in on Hood again. The huge mountain completely disappears from the skyline when its overcast. It was also super cold out and would have been a hateful day on the mountain compared to the the week of weather we've been having. I made the executive decision to forgo our boards and head to Smith Rock for another day of climbing and resting from all the boarding that we've been doing. We drove about 15 minutes east of Mt. Hood to find clear skies for miles. The high desert of central Oregon almost always has perfect, dry weather. We spent the day at Smith climbing, lounging, hiking, catching some rays, and then chasing the shade. Being pretty beat up with took it easy on the climbing and led a bunch of 5.8's and 5.9's.
Topless at the base of the zany Morning Glory Wall

Leading a 5.9 (5 Gallon buckets)

It was still a great workout and a ton of fun. Alex lead most of the routes first and then I lead them afterwards. We chose some of the classic lines at Smith Rock that had some of the most unique climbing features I've ever encountered. Huge holes and jugs were carved into the cliff face. It seems almost unnatural while you're climbing on the holds. We climbed until we were content then scrambled around to catch a glimpse of the famous Monkey Head rock pillar. The resemblance is striking.
Monkey Head from afar

Crooked River below Mesa Verde Buttress, Smith Rock, OR

The two of us made the steep uphill hike back to the car and went to the nearby town of Terrebonne for a delicious meal of bison burgers. When back at camo we realized we had no clean socks, underwear, or sweatshirts so we went to Govy to do some laundry. While passing the time my sweet tooth prervailed and I tried a delicious Huckleberry Milkshake in town.

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