Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 32

I woke up without even knowing what day of the week it was. I just knew I had to go snowboarding. It was seriously perfect out. Bluebird skies with a high in the mid 60's. Fun in the sun on our shredsticks!
View of the bottom of Timberline from top of the Magic Mile lift

The jump line was sick as always and it was a long day sessioning it. By 11 all the takeoffs for the jumps were soft so we calmed down our spinning and did scene grabs and inverts ("I love a good once around" -Arthur Mcnulty, June 2009). Soft summer snow makes for the best landings to chuck yourself at with little consequence. I got a nice method pic (seen on the intro) which was a great feeling because I'm not known to have a good method (the best trick in snowboarding) but I think it was all Alex's Canon Rebel's doing. After getting loose on the mountain we came back to camp and visited with our neighbor friends again. We drove about a half hour to Timothy Lake to go swimming and fishing. The lake was in a gorgeous alpine setting and the water was crystal clear (and close to freezing).
Timothy Lake, Oregon

We still managed to submerge ourselves into relative cleanliness. We fished for a while but with no sucess. The lake was really shallow near the shores and there were no fish in sight although Timothy has a great reputation as a trout fishery.
Fishing for a bite

Alex and I returned to camp a little cleaner and a little colder and a lot hungrier. Spaghetti and meat sauce was today's feature and we soon retired to bed with full bellies.

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