Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 18

Oatmeal and granola gave us the energy to hit the bouldering scene hard as the sun started to heat up the arid land. I did some extreme ankle taping and we headed into the endless granite boulder fields. We climbed some tough stuff thanks to the grit of the granite (not sure the ratings w/o a guidebook but felt V2-ish?) We bouldered until our fingers were nearly bleeding raw.

There is some ridiculous stuff out there (45+ free solo boulders going at like V12. unreal.) that we just gawked at and smiled.
Backside of Ambrosia

That was enough activity for the day. We checked out Sabrina Lake tucked away in the Sierra Nevadas and I fished Bishop Creek.

It was a beautiful trout fishery, but I think its good name precedes itself and the fish are well-pressured by hungry anglers. We bathed in this nearly frozen waterway as well (no real shower in nearly a week.) Town held delicious pizza and wi-fi for us. We plan to return to camp for a fire and sleep. Mammoth tomorrow for more boarding!

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