Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 30

Art and Zach had real world things to attend to (Art with his cubicle at the PA Lottery and Zach painting a barn in Massachusetts) so we woke up bright and early to get them off to the airport. Alex and I then went to diner and a coffee shop in Portland where we spent the better part of the afternoon blogging, surfing the web, recuperating, and waking up. My hearing had been nearly gone for 2 days now so I found an urgency care center that I could get checked out. The prescribed antibiotics have since fixed my hearing and helped my severe cold. We returned to our campsite to reorganize all our belongings after all our stuff we recklessly strewn about when four dudes were residing in our tent and car. We found one of our neighboring campers, Jared, alone, wet, hungry, and hung-over. All his friends left him (it had been raining nonstop for 3 days) and he had no car. We drove him to town to buy food and supplies and to dry all our soggy clothing. Jared was as good as new. We went to bed ready to board again after a day hiatus.

(sorry no pictures for today but check out Alex's Blog for many more (and better) photos than I have posted)

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