Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 28

Rain and snowboarding- Yuck

Apparently the weather is always as perfect as yesterday. Rain moved in during our slumber and did not leave all day. Mt. Hood and our campground was getting flooded. We put on all our already damp snowboarding gear and drove up to the mountain to still try and ride despite the weather. Everyone told us it was not worth it, but we are always determined to shred whenever we have the chance. The park was closed because the rain melted all the features but we decided to hike up to it anyways. The hike was long and arduous in the pouring rain/gale force winds. We found a fun rhythm section with some little jumps to try and go upside down on. Art found a bump into an agro-crag landing. After our hike up to the park we were spent. There was a single barrel down rail still set up. We hiked it a few times then decided to call it quits and board back to the car in defeat. It was fun to get some turns in but we were all so soaked by the end of the trek that we looking to find some warm, dry shelter.

Soaked but Stoked
Zach, dripping wet

We headed back to camp to change then went to the town of Government Camp for firewood. We made a good fire but the rain was too much. Some kids from Oregon State were camping next to us so we went to there fire and stood under a tarp. The rain prevailed.

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