Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 21

We awoke to the friendly voice of a park ranger telling us we were not allowed to camp in the lot without paying. He was a nice old man though and was just doing his job. Alex and i repacked our car and went back to Yosemite Valley to climb on the small rocks. Bouldering in The Valley is world class and way less of a production than Big Wall climbing.
Barefoot Bouldering

San Fran

Not the Golden Gate

After climbing, we made our way to San Francisco to meet Alex's fellow Penn State Architectural Engineer, Alyse, for the Penguins game. She is from Pittsburgh and a pretty huge hockey fan. Crosby and the gang took care of business in "Hockeytown" and the San Francisco bar we were at was generally stoked. Alyse and I got a little frisky with a couple of Red Wings fans, but they backed down on account of my huge biceps and strong core. We returned to Alyse's to set up camp. We topped the night off with a swim in the famously warm Pacific Ocean.
Outside Alyse's. Ocean at the end of the road

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