Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 20

Another day of soul boarding. Bluebird, warm, and epic. I was starting to feel pretty loose again after finally getting back in the rhythm of riding. The jumps were nice and firm in the morning and then they started getting sloppy later in the day so we hit up the rail scene. I could do all my stunts again! Summer snowboarding, yum! we ate pitas in the way out of town and drove to Yosemite National Park.

Ashburys+ beaded Croakies=scene

We made it in with our annual National Park pass for about 10 minutes before a cop pulled me over for speeding. I got off with a warning but while he was checking my id we saw a big coyote.


Onward we went to Yosemite Valley, the heart of the park. The rock is simply amazing here. Towering granite slabs over 3,000 tall. We took pictures of half dome, El Capitan, and cathedral peak. Itching to get out of our car we hiked/ climbed to the base of El Cap. It was hard enough to make it through the endless scree slope with no gear let alone a full trad rack that the climbers have to carry. We stood beneath The Nose of El Cap, just staring at all 34 pitches of finger splitting crack climbs. There were 2 parties on the wall that appeared as tiny specks on the huge wall.

El Capitan

We saw a huge 8-point whitetail buck in velvet beneath el cap

Half Dome

Yosemite Falls

Cathedral Peak

It was dark by the time we made it back from our car and all the park's campgrounds were full. We headed out to find camping somewhere and ended up sleeping on the pavement of a campground parking lot.

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