Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 33

Mother Nature again abided and blessed us with another perfect summer day at the mountain (probably the best all trip). The jump line was again pristine and today, with a little more effort from the park crew, held up late into the afternoon. Alex and I were finally getting loose on jumps and stringing together some pretty hot lines through the park. Rarely do us east coast kids get to ride such an epic jump line. We ran into a friend from Penn State and counselor at Windell's snowboard camp, Steph (Dirty D). She invited us to a real scene bbq with a some pro snowboarders, skiers, Windell's counselors, and local scenesters.
Didn't know anyone but still having a grand time

The scene made a guest appearance

The babes of Mt. Hood, rarities among the sea of dudes

It was pretty weird but Alex and I had fun anyways. A girl named Ashley hosted the shindig but her landlords came and made us all leave. It sucked we had to split but we had bro'ed out for long enough. We returned to camp for a healthy fire with the king of all campfire treats, smores.

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