Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 29

boarding above the clouds

The rain subsided as we reawakened. This dude named Isaac at the neighbor camp was eager to greet us. He was still drinking form the night before and was in a real good spot. He threw shoes at us, got in a fight with his rommate, tried to chop wood barefoot, and helped us start a fire. He did it again. Isaac was our dude and nothing could change that (we thought he was just an obnoxious drunk but later discovered it was just his personality) This kid could talk about nothing forever. Anyways, it cleared up just enough for us to get another awesome day of riding in on the last days Art and Zach would be here. The park was reshaped and was nice and soft to throw ourselves at. We rode through the private Windell's park a couple times to check out all the awesome features the rich kids at camp get to ride. It was awesome but we belonged in the public park (a matter of entitlement). We met up with some friends from PA, Daley and Will who live out here and are both super sick riders. We filmed a bit and hope to make an short edit from our riding out here sometime. We hiked a super low consequence down rail for a while trying weird spins on before returning to camp to pack and head for Portland. We stopped in Govy for Cobra Dogs and Volcano Cones (snack shacks that support the diggers at Mt. Hood), they were both some of the best snacks I had all trip. Dan was waiting for us in Portland. We went out on the town and had a bunch of fun.
At Cha Cha Cha's for a quick burrito snack

Alex almost made a mistake. We went to this bar named XV that had a bunch of vampires. We got in on the scene. Then we headed to some tavern across town. The scene lacked but we still had a bunch of fun as always when all our dudes our together.
An overexposed shot of XV, you get the Transylvania feel

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  1. i miss you dudes already. thanks for everything, we had a blast!