Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 23

Most of the day was wasted in rest but we did manage to make it to the Bashful Bull diner for a hearty breakfast.
I got a sundae. Alyse, bashfully, wanted some too.

We then packed our things and headed to the Haight-Ashbury festival on our way out of town.
Packing in the car for the festival

This is an annual festival that is something like the Hippie Mecca. The Grateful dead have their roots at the festival as did hallucinogenic drugs. These place was thick with the scene. Every beggar, band member, homeless, hula hooping, hippie "just living the dream" made their way here to celebrate themselves. It was a sight. Every drug under the sun sun was being solicited (as was promised by our dude Ed the day before) and their were street vendors for miles selling drug paraphernalia and tie-dye shirts. Marijuana wafted through the streets.
The scene was in full effect

Breathing fire, dancing, juggling, on bouncing stilts.

We took in the scene then moved on after getting a feel for the place. We had places to go, sights to see, rocks to climb, and boarding to be done.
The Golden Gate bridge with San Fran in the background

Highway 1 winded violently along the Norcal coast. We enyoyed the scenic drive but it was not good for making time. We camped at one of the thousands of secluded beachside campgrounds along the coast.
Beaches with rocks. Pretty

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