Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 31

Boarding, boarding, boarding. The rain finally subsided and the sun even made some guest appearances on Mt. Hood (it was a mixture of full sun and thick, blinding clouds throughout the day). The jump line in Timberline public park was pretty sweet with 4 jumps in a row of 15 to 35 foot tabletops. The snow was a little slow and sticky since it snowed several inches the night before (a very warm, heavy snow) and provided an awesome view of the mountain totally blanketed in the white stuff.

Mt. Hood after a late June snow

Spins, flips, grabs, and shifties were thrown in every direction. We rode until our legs couldn't take anymore (the lift closed at about the exact same time) and went back to camp.
We decided to treat ourselves to delicious Volcano Cones in Govy after a hard days riding (I prefer strawberry cheesecake and galaxy (chocolate, peanuts, caramel and other goodies) flavors)
The Scene was hanging out there too

Jared's friends had shown up finally and they were getting loose. We sat around the campfire just watching their zany antics. I wrote some haikus in a girl's notebook. We played hot potato with fiery red coals. I got a haircut from one of the girls, Mandy.
My hair (and life) in handy Mandy's hands

We talked about dinosaurs, music, friendships, and general Oregonian knowledge. Rachel and Mandy were a couple of loud bff's that liked to party. Their boyfriends Matt and Greg were a couple of zany characters with all kinds of tattoos and piercings. Sal was a good guy and only talked when he wanted to, or maybe he was just drowned out by the omnipresent yelling/laughing/joking of the girls. Jared, Alex, and i completed the campfire circle until some dude named Steve (30-something, single, combat boots, beer gut, works at a plastic silverware distributor) showed up from another neighboring camp. He was looking for a a fight, or maybe just an argument. He apparently stole a scooter from a kid and was upset about accusations of child molestation during his last stint in the slammer. This guy was a social wreck. Alex's camera is way better at capturing at night so check his site for all the racy pics.

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