Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 22

The City. Not San Fran, or Frisco, or even San Franfrisco. The locals call this west coast port the city. Alex and I learned the hard way that we sounded like complete tourists referring to the town we were by our awkward terms of endearment. Thank God Alyse's friend and roommate Holly was from the city herself to let us know to not order Rice-a-roni at restaurants, or refer to Full house and the lovely Tanner family that lived there (although we joked about these things at all times in her presence).

Now that we have all these misconceptions cleared up I can discuss the zany adventures of socializing around the city. Alex and I first took a wake up swim in the Pacific because we just can't get close enough to hypothermia. We then went into the city... by trolley, of course... and ate some fancy thai food.
First time ever on a Trolley!

Leaving the trolley underground... back into the light

It was just the 4 of us (Alex, Alyse, Holly, me) roaming the streets of San Fran and heading to a party with all Alyse's architectural engineering co-workers (some married, some with kids?, but most in late 20's early 30's). Not the typical party scene for a couple young (just me) college kids from Penn State. Alex and I quickly decided we were going to either make or break this party and did the zaniest college stunts we could think of to maybe help these people with real lives and jobs relive their times at their alma-maters. I should also let it be known that I wore a shirt with a picture of myself on it. But told everyone it was of my little brother. People were scared to ask me about it.
Alyse and Holly. Throwing peace signs. We would do that and say "keep it green." I'm not sure why.

Ulin(in pink) the party's accomadating host, PSU alum, and legendary partier back in the day and one of his cohorts

Mayhem ensued. Beers were drank (speedbeers even), shots were taken, and Goldschlager was chugged. Alex and I met our dude named Ed (we think that's his name, but for the story's sake Ed it is) with an ailing code addiction. This guy loved to party. When I mentioned shotgunning a beer at the party this guy was way into it. Somehow all the dudes had found each other at the party.
Align CenterEd paying the price for trying to keep up with a college kid. Me looking on in disgust.

By this time the ice had been way broken and the normal working people started to talk with us even. Alex and I played around on the Bowflex for a while (doing backflips on the lat pull-down bar with all the resistance on) and then we bounced for some food.
Mild chip addiction. 5 pounds wrapped in swaddling plastic

Oh yeah, and this other girl at the party was an intern like Alyse. Her name was Jaime, she was from Nebraska, and I was way into her.
Working my magic. I think she was buying it.

Things get fuzzy after we left the party but I made it back to Alyse's by trolley in time to pass out.
Ashamed. But my little brother looks like a kid at Christmas.

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