Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 27

Riding up

Lift Tickets

Boardin' Bros

Art woke up before the sun did to get out boarding. He already made sandwiched, packed lunches for all of us, breakfast and took a walk to see hood at dawn before I even thought about unzipping my sleeping bag. We made bacon and eggs over our cast-iron skillet to prep for our long day on the hill. Our snowboard clothes, mainly from thrift shops, (keepin it scene) were donned (not Ed Hardy) and we headed to Hood. The $50 lift tickets at Timberline Resort were well worth it as this is the only place in the US where snowboarding can be had (minus all carpet/astroturf backyard rail setups and rollers). It was a PERFECT day out (65 and sunny) and the public park was in great shape (as was Art's core, as always). If you have never seen snowboarding shots at Hood then the famous views above the clouds would seem like something either from the window of a 747 or straight from Heaven itself (I hope Heaven has this much year-round boarding).
Lower level cloud cover

My Dudes

The park had a 5 jump line that was close to perfection along with some decent rails. We shredded all day only stopping once for PB and J's and granola bars. After the lifts closed we hiked a double-barrell (shotgun) down rail for an hour or two until we were physically exhausted. We washed up at Trillium Lake in the shadow of the great mountain that we so enjoyed today.
Trillium Lake and Mt. Hood

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