Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 25

It was all about getting our climb on. Pumping as much vertical as our forearms could handle in a day. Smith Rock is a pretty gorgeous setting to climb in and the rock is perfect. (Sandstone/granite conglomerate I think).
Smith Rock Valley. Climbing Galore.

Little stones serve as little knobby holds everywhere (think plum pudding). Smith is the birthplace of sport climbing and is still forging into the future with over 1000 climbs being put up all over the park. Alex led a 5.8 to start everything then we went on a sending spree (by our standards).
Alex leading us off with a nice sport lead

My first climb was a 5.10a climb called Pop the Nubbin featuring those small knobby holds. I then lead the scariest sport climb (of my life anyways) a 5.9 named 9 gallon jugs that had a first bolt around 20 feet off the ground the crux was up to this bolt (scary stuff). We ate lunch of bowl-of-noodles and were revitalized. I lead another 5.10a named Phoenix that ran out the last 20 feet to the anchors and then a 5.10b was a bulging crux. Alex top-roped all these classic Smith climbs after my leads. It was sick!
Alex at the crux of the 10b after my lead

Our rack of draws, a tired Alex, and the beautiful crags of Smith

After our rock workout we stripped down and jumped in the river for a cleansing Mexican shower. We were exhausted and fell asleep after eating Rice-a-roni (inspired by San Fran).

We will be in Mt. Hood for the next week or so. Expect updates about boarding and good times with our friends Art and Zach.

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